Welcome to Eastside Wasp Removal, the non-poison, all-natural wasp removal option for the greater Bellevue and Renton area! We are the only company like this based on the Eastside, and are proud to have been providing ecologically friendly removal services for over 10 years.

We are now OPEN for the 2024 season.

Wasp support: 425-270-7094 (text and voicemail)


IMPORTANT: To reach us, please send us a text or leave a voice message so we know to reply to your request. To avoid spam calls we usually don’t pick up the phone at first.

Service Area

We offer poison-free wasp, hornet, and bumblebee removal services in SE King County, including but not limited to Renton, Kennydale, Newcastle, Issaquah, Eastgate, Bryn Mawr, Skyway, Tukwila, and portions of Seattle, Kent, SeaTac, Covington, Maple Valley, Bellevue, & the Sammamish Plateau.

Above is the map of service calls we’ve done from the past year and a half or so — the orange pin marks us! Just about 30 minutes from everywhere.

We only use safe and natural methods to collect and eliminate your unwanted stinging insects.  There is no unsightly nest left behind to clean up when we finish, nor do we leave poison chemical residues behind since we do not use poisons or pesticides of any kind.  We nests and insects at the end of the day. Bumble bee nests come to the home farm to help our local population of native pollinators.


We like websites that actually tell you up front what you can expect to pay, and that organize their fees in a straightforward way. Below you can know exactly what to expect; absolutely no unexpected add-ons.

Service Call:  $272*+tax
for non-poison removal of bumble bees, wasps and hornet nests.

We remove the nest and the foragers that return within about 45 minutes.  For a common mid-summer nest of 2,000 wasps, less than 15 bees will miss our visit and will dwindle away in the days after the nest is gone.  If the bees are in an attic or crawl space, we can often remove them without cutting into the wall.  If we do cut open a structure, the repairs are the responsibility of the homeowner.

We also provide a non-intrusive removal where we mount a small vacuum at the entrance of the wasp nest, and have it run on a timer for 1.5hrs each day for three weeks. The first several days pretty much eliminates the active adult population of the nest, and the rest of the duration is to catch the leftover larvae when they hatch out. The queen dies without the support of the other wasps, and all that is left is the paper nest, which is harmless to the building structure, and is never reused.

*ATTICS — if we must go into the attic to remove a nest, an attic fee of $100 will be added to the Service Call fee (total of $372+tax)

If we can get to a nest through the attic, that is the most reliable way to remove the whole nest instantly and guarantee that it does not bounce back. Often these nests are the ones that are in locations that we wouldn’t be able to address otherwise. However, in August and September the temperature in attics gets to WELL above 100 degrees Fahrenheit, and so crawling through insulation with a mask and full-body bee suit is extremely strenuous for our technician. We’re glad to help remove nests in these situations, but due to the harsh environment, we add the attic fee to our regular flat-rate service call.

Distance charge: $0. We do not charge for distance within our service area.

Consultation: $120 No wasps or bees actually removed. This consultation fee may be applied to removal services for the rest of the season. So if you hire us for a consultation and then it turns into a removal, all you pay is our flat service call fee.

Payment: We accept cash, check, and card. Payment by card adds a small processing fee to the total.