My father started the wasp removal business many years ago, and as I grew up I came with him on service calls, and year by learned all the ropes. Over summers in high school I took on more and more service calls, and soon became an official employee. In the past three years I’ve been studying abroad during the school year, but taking on a larger and larger majority of the work of Eastside Bee Removal each time I return. I just graduated in the spring of 2022, and my dad and I decided that this was the right time for me to continue on the same path and take over the business, and continue providing our top-notch service to the Eastside.


All bees and wasps are beneficial. Viable populations of pollinating insects support a healthy environment, and are the keystone to growing food in a living ecosystem. Healthy wasp populations keep flies and caterpillars from becoming a problem. However, sometimes these native wasps or bumblebees can just be in the wrong place at the wrong time. Our service allows people to resolve this problem in a way that doesn’t cause longer term damage to the network of pollinators and other insects.

There is a tremendous need for poison-free removals and humane bee relocation services around the Seattle area, and Eastside Bee Removal is the only such business dedicated to serving the area east of Lake Washington. It’s a pleasure to be filling this station in OUR network. You realize the importance of keeping your family, home and environment clean from deadly chemicals.  I can help you eliminate problems from stinging insects. It’s a win-win.

Thanks for thinking about all the little critters in our ecosystem, and for keeping our neighborhoods clean from pesticides!

Samuel Rausch,
Renton, WA

Team: Samuel – owner, key removal technician
Teresa – Secretary, and customer service