If you liked our wasp removal, we also provide pruning services! (anything up to about 25ft tall)

2024 NOTICE: Samuel has been living in Portugal, but will be back just during the month of March to do pre-spring pruning. His time is limited, so if you would like to schedule pruning, please let us know ASAP by completing the online booking form below. Although you can pick a start time, your booking will be for that entire day.

Please fill out the “notes” section with a description of the pruning you’d like done. Once you receive email confirmation of your request, follow the directions for an estimate and final confirmation. Thank you!

Samuel learned the principles of pruning from Master Arborist Paul Gautchi in Sequim, WA as a young teenager, and has been honing the craft ever since. His pruning always aims to be an equal balance of well proportioned beauty, and health. As a trained musician, pruning offers him another opportunity to bring artistry and a sense for form and aesthetics to the realm of pruning, where all too often, bushes and trees are hacked, not pruned. Since he takes a Japanese approach of immediately working with the inside structure of the tree, it is possible to make significant revisions to the structure much faster than those who only clip gradually in from the outside.

“I believe that when a tree has been well pruned, when you look at it you shouldn’t be able to tell that a lot of material has been cut off—it should already look beautiful and natural. It should already ‘flow’ in its new form.”

We like to point out that when a cluttered tree has been pruned properly, little birds will come to land in it. If your little birds aren’t doing this, we encourage you to schedule us to come out and take a look!

We recommend pruning maintenance to be done 1-2 times a year. According to Master Arborist Paul Gautchi, the timing in the year does not have any real effect on the health of the tree. However, for flowering and fruiting trees, the most convenient time is before or after they flower in April, or after they fruit in the fall.

— Specializing in Japanese maple, fruit trees, rhododendron, Hinoki.

— $40-45/hr

*At this time we do not provide disposal of the pruned branches away from your property. However, if you absolutely do not have space to dispose of them yourself, please let us know and we may be able to discuss other options.